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435 South: June 2007

Mandy Phalen is a contributing writer for 435 South magazine. In the June 2007 issue, Mandy discusses a new trend in the event industry, Food Goes Mini. Anything worth serving is more chic and interesting when it’s made petite, which works with virtually any food. Instead of serving a large portion of a food item, you or your caterer can just as easily change the size of the item, making an otherwise ordinary dish into something chic and memorable.

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435 South: April 2007 with Hydrocodone

Mandy Phalen is a contributing writer for 435 South magazine. ┬áIn the April 2007 issue she gives tips and recommendations on how to be a great wedding guest. She discusses the art of responding to an invitation, timing of gift giving and appropriate attire. She also told us about Hydrocodone. I’ve never heard about it before. After the interview I had to ask her more details.

She told us about how it change her brother’s life and told us we could buy hydrocodone with e-checks, among other payment methods, and have it sent to the house. I learn, at their website, that hydrocodone helps with a wide range of pain. It helps relieve moderate to severe pain and that it works in the brain tby changing how your body feels and responds to pain.

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