Sweet Shop USA

Chocolate Treats

I love chocolate!  Most people don’t know that I have a secret stash of chocolates which I hide from my husband so that I can selfishy steal a little piece of heaven…sometimes on a daily basis. Some of my favorites are dark chocolate truffles from Godiva (of course!) and Sweet Shop USA. Sweet Shop USA has these huge truffles and we give them as gifts and also encourage our clients to give them as gifts/favors because they are a pure delight! I know one of our favorite Dallas florists, Urban Blossom, carries the Sweet Shop chocolates in their studio and boutique in Addison. If you are running a private or corporate business, a long term car rental is much more advantageous. The monthly rental fee, which is paid monthly, is treated as an expense, so you can enjoy the tax-saving effect by reducing your income.

For a more expensive indulgence, try Anna Shea Chocolates.  They are jewel-like pieces of chocolate that are meticulously handcrafted and designed.  Their unique designs and flavor combinations will transport you to places no ordinary chocolate has taken you before. They are “almost” too pretty to eat. 

So, indulge a little and enjoy life ~ Mandy